Join Us For Barre Teacher Training At The Studio This Fall

Enroll Now For Barre Intensity Instructor Training

We have some exciting news on another opportunity for Pilates teacher training at the studio. We will be hosting Barre Intensity Instructor Training in the fall at our Toms River, New Jersey Pilates Studio.

That means Barre Classes will be offered for our clients and will be coming shortly after. I am looking forward to being able to incorporate more barre into Tower and mat classes as well.

One Day Certification Barre Instructor Training Program – only $349

Sunday, September 24, 2023 | 9 AM – 7 PM

Use Discount Code for $50 off: TOMSNJBARRE50

I could not just let that ballet barre at the studio sit any longer. I have gotten many inquiries about barre classes, I am brining barre training to the studio and getting certified myself. We will be hosting Barre Intensity Instructor Training this fall.

A master instructor will be at Pilate by the Bay providing this one-day certification to a small group, and that could include you if you are interested. See below for all the details and even a discount code to enroll. Space is limited to 7 students so reach out with any questions and pass this information along to anyone who may be interested. I can’t wait for September 24th, look for barre classes on the schedule after that.

What Is The Barre Workout Method?

Barre Intensity® combines elements of functional fitness exercise, dance, and Pilates. We use tiny, isolated movements to exhaust the muscles, large-range motion to increase heart rate, and upper- and lower-body-integrated sequencing to maximize every minute. You get a full-body workout from this, which leaves you feeling accomplished and cognitively strong.

Our immersive Barre Intensity® instructor training program includes: 

  • Proper body alignment
  • Body positions
  • Structured class outline
  • Music and beat matching
  • Class choreography with variations and modifications
  • Intensity options for all exercises
  • Tips for smooth transitions and cueing techniques
  • Lecture, partner teaching and class participation
  • 40 Core Barre Exercises
  • Barre Intensity Principles

Barre Intensity® instructor training has been approved for 12 AFAA CEU’s, 1.4 ACE CEC’s and 14 ACSM CEC’s. 

Barre Instructor Program Benefits

  • Continuing education credits through ACE, AFAA, ACSM & NASM
  • No monthly licensing fees
  • No recertification requipirements
  • Optional class choreography support
  • Freedom to use the BARRE Intensity name, logo and class description
  • A barre technique that burns the muscles, elevates the heart rate and uses teaching terms the general public can understand.
  • Training manual included
  • Livetime access to complete online training to refer back to at any time.
  • Free online trainee bundle for continuing education.

Current Cohort! Pilates Teacher Training Certification Update

How lucky am I to have two apprentice Pilates Teachers. The second cohort of Pilates Teacher Training has begun and we are back at the start focusing on the beginner exercises on the mat and Reformer.

I could not be any luckier to have two amazing and enthusiastic Pilates apprentices at the studio. Our new apprentice, Emma Bryce, just began her seminars and workshops. To date we have had the beginner mat and Reformer seminar. Jessica, our original apprentice is benefiting from being able to attend again and practice with Emma.

During these workshop Jessica Spillane, the master teacher, is on Zoom from her studio (you can just about see her on the labtop in the photo) while we are all practicing at our studio. Also on our Zoom call are several other host studios with apprentice teachers at their studios. It’s a wonderful learning community which I am eager to continue to grow.

I’m so proud of our apprentice Jessica, who has gotten out of her comfort zone and began practicing on others. She did a great job teaching the ab series to our mat class on Saturday (of course I took that photo, see below) and has even brought some friends in to practice teaching on the Reformer. Please reach out if you are interested in helping out our apprentices getting some practice on the weekends.