Studio Equipment

Our studio is fully equipped with Balanced Body and Peak Pilates Equipment: Cadillac, reformers, chairs, towers, barre, suspension training, and an extensive array of props. Please call to schedule a tour and we’ll be happy to show you around the studio and answer your questions.



Peak Pilates MVe Reformers: The Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine invented by Joseph Pilates, used to incorporate the Pilates exercise technique for a challenging and intense workout. Springs, leverage and body weight are used as resistance while performing movements targeting specific muscle groups. Workouts consist of controlled, flowing movements working your muscles through a full range of motion. The reformer adds increased resistance to the movement. By working to overcome this resistance, training results in increased fitness levels.



Balanced Body® EXO® Chair: The EXO® Chair from Balanced Body® is for users of all levels and delivers a unique and fun, full-body workout. Pilates Chair workouts are the ultimate for strength-building. Now the added Functional Resistance Kit lets you both push and pull! This gives you a host of new exercises not possible with any other chair — including many that could previously be done only on a Reformer — and offers a challenging cardio/aerobic workout. Great for group classes, personal training sessions.



Peak Pilates Cadillac/Trapeze: Pilates lore has it that Joseph Pilates created the prototype Cadillac to enable bed ridden patients to exercise. His design was simple – a hospital bed with mattress springs attached to the wall. The design has definitely evolved over the years and and so have the exercises and stretches one can do on the Cadillac. A tremendous variety of exercises can be performed on the Pilates Trapeze Table (or Cadillac). From gentle, spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics, the Trapeze Table offers exercises for all ages and abilities.



Peak Pilates Tower: The tower apparatus is essentially the same thing as a Pilates Cadillac machine and uses bars and springs as attachments. These provide an increase in resistance, which can enhance the exercises to produce a full-body workout. The Pilates tower workout routines are typically set in small classes and accompany the traditional mat routines.




Balanced Body Ladder Barrel: The Ladder Barrel is one of the simpler Pilates apparatus designs, but the exercises on it vary as much as any of the apparatus. Combines ladder rungs with a barrel surface, for stretching, strengthening and flexibility exercises. The only resistance on the Ladder Barrel is that of gravity acting on the body. Posture is challenged as well as the many muscles that are engaged in activity.






A dynamic, whole-body suspension system that challenges core strength, flexibility and proprioception.

Balanced Body brings the precision and movement principles of Pilates to suspension training with the Bodhi Suspension System™. Taking the body out of alignment with gravity fires the core stability muscles and develops integrated, whole-body strength and dynamic flexibility.

The Bodhi Suspension System offers four potential points of suspension to maximize stability training and proprioception while providing many options for creativity. Learn essential exercises and how to create balanced class sequences using Balanced Body’s unique track system.

The ideal complement to a Pilates or personal training practice, Bodhi adds standing, balance, and stability elements that bodies respond to and enjoy. Bodhi instructor training provides instructors with everything needed to teach a variety of formats, from small group personal training to circuit training to private sessions. Re-ignite your studio and excite your bodies with the Bodhi Suspension System!

We also offer Bodhi Suspension Teacher Training Courses for all movement professionals. Most courses are approved for CECs from Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE). Visit our Teacher Training page for more information. 

GROUP CLASSES, 55min (Up to 5 Students)
$18 Class | $150 10-Classes (10 Class pack may also be used with Mat & Props and Barre classes.)
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PRIVATE SESSIONS, 25-55min (1 Student)
55min Sessions: $70 Session | $340 5-Sessions | $650 10-Sessions


MOTR (More Than a Roller!)


Cardio, Balance, Core and much more. What do you want to work on today?

Combine Balanced Body Movement Principles, the power of aerobic conditioning and the balance and release exercises of a foam roller with this inspiring piece of equipment. MOTR is a small, affordable piece of equipment that allows you to train while focusing on key principles of alignment, balance, core control and functional movement patterns. Exercises vary easily to provide appropriate fitness challenges for clients at any level, from senior citizens to professional athletes. You will learn key positions and exercises as well as sequences and programming for private and group sessions. Only available for Private or Duet Sessions.

PRIVATE SESSIONS, 25-55min (1 Student)
55min Sessions: $70 Session | $340 5-Sessions | $650 10-Sessions


DUET SESSIONS, 55min (2 Students)
Per Person: $45 Session | $215 5-Sessions | $400 10-Sessions