Pop Up Classes

What are Pop Up Classes?

New, one-time only classes will “Pop-Up” with 1-3 days notice and be available to schedule online. They will each have a special theme or focus and be taught at a level to fit the students in the class. Unless the class is announced otherwise, Intro private sessions are required for existing students with no chronic pain or injuries. We will offer some pop-up classes for new/beginner students!

Special Pop-Up Class prices are $25 for a Pop-Up Equipment Class or $15 for a Pop-Up Mat Class. Stay tuned to Facebook and your emails to see what pops up!

Note: A minimum of 2 students are required to run Pop-Up equipment classes and 3 students for mat classes. Register online under “Workshops,” email info@PilatesByTheBayNJ.com, or call the studio at (732) 300-4917 for assistance.

Monthly Workshops

Our workshops are open to the public!


Below is a sampling of some of our currently scheduled special classes and past Pop-Ups, if you are interested in a specific class, please email the studio and we’ll notify you when the class pops up again! Have an idea for a Pop-Up theme? Class suggestions are always welcome! All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted. A minumum of 3 poeple are required to run.

Exo Chair Challenge
exo-chairThe EXO® Chair delivers a unique and fun, full-body workout. Working with the Functional Resistance Kit you can also push and pull! This gives you a host of new exercises not possible with any other chair – including many that could previously be done only on a Reformer – and offers a challenging cardio/aerobic workout.

Click here to see a video of Patty performing some of the exercises we’ll do in this class!

Booty Camp / Butt Blaster

bootycampIn this Equipment / Mat combo class we will take the side kick series to the next level. Learn how to properly activate the glutes, hamstrings, and inner/outer thighs to get a tight and toned tush. Caution….you may need to buy smaller pants!

Reformer Stretch Class

imagesCQDSRY1TFor current pilates equipment students, this class is designed to stretch the various tissue systems which help support and stabilize the body as well as increase range of motion. This unique stretch class uses the reformer repertoire in order to achieve this goal with also the added bonus of increasing or decreasing the resistance applied to each stretch in order to make modify the intensity.

Start at your feet and work your way through the body stretching your legs, all directions of the spine, your pectoral muscles and Latissimus Dorsi. Perfect for men & women and beneficial to both athletes and those who are restricted by occupational situations such as standing or sitting for long periods of time. A great addition to your current practice or used as a drop in whenever you feel in need of additional mobility.

Pilates Reformer for Men

V2Max_07_037-smPilates was developed for a man, Joseph Pilates, and was taught my men as a strict conditioning regime to the German army veloped to during WWI. This full-body exercise program was developed to create a sound body and is perfect for both injury prevention & rehabilitation.

Pilates will improve your golf swing, improve your form in the weight room, sculpt your abs and loosten tight shoulders. Altgough men are welcome in all of our classes, this special class is taught by a man, for men only, and is designed with men’s specific needs in mind.

Pilates Principles Class

Pilates Principles ClassStruggling with your teaser? Still feel neck tension in an upper ab curl? Can’t seem to conquer that rollover or rollup?… This new equipment class is designed for both new and seasoned students to teach (or revisit), core pilates principles to deepen and progress your practice.

Each class will focus on a different pilates movement principle and incorporate equipment exercises that demonstrate the principle. his class is designed to be a friendly, no-judgments learning environment where questions are welcome and discussion is encouraged. Exercises will be broken down, the teaching is hands-on, and modifications will be provided to make the work accessible to everyone. This is truly a welcoming class no matter the fitness level.

Jumpboard Challenge!

jumpboardInnovative full body reformer workout which consists of a continuous flow of Pilates exercises with jumpboard attachment that adds an exciting cardiovascular component to a tough workout. Fluid transitions, coupled with interval jumping, results in an increased heart rate that is optimal for burning calories and building lean muscle.

This creatively choreographed workout is easy, fun and effective—plus, the impact on your knees and hip joints is minimal due to the spring resistance used with reformer and the principles of Pilates. It’s an ideal way to tone your core while burning fat and developing endurance with reduced impact to your joints. This workout is tough but fun, so if you have experience on the reformer come and join us!!