Register Now! Stretch And Release Workshop Tomorrow 4-28 at 6:30pm

Join us tomorrow for an evening of full body wellness. Start with a 30 minute gentle Pilates mat session with Michele. Using bands, we will stretch your body and spine and release your muscles.

End with an hour of meditation using Crystal Pyramid Sound Healing and Reiki with Terri Vassallo from Serenity Renewal Reiki.

This combination raises the vibration of each cell in your body, balancing the hemispheres in the brain and connecting the energies.

Leave feeling released, renewed, peaceful and grounded.

Limited space available! Reserve your spot now!

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You are all my good people and I am so fortunate that our studio is a space where we do support each other. Not only do we support each other in class, cheering each other on to hold that teaser or keep pumping through the hundred; but I know that support extends beyond the studio.

I will do all that I can to keep that heartbeat because we all need support and I think we all agree we also need Pilates. Joseph Pilates could not have said it better, “Change happens through movement, and movement heals.” Let’s be that support for each other so we can move and heal, in and out of the studio!

For April we have a few special classes and event to help you move and even heal. Our Easter circuit class was a success and we had a request to have more of that format, so look for more circuit or mixed equipment classes on Sundays in May. I even just added one to the schedule for May 7th. All classes and workshops are on the schedule, so sign up to reserve your spot.

Props with the equipment help you to achieve the proper position so you can execute the exercises most effectively. Which props will we use? You will have to come to class to find out! Classes are on the schedule, sign up to reserve your spot. There must be at least 2 registered for the class to run.

Gianna & I switched so she is teaching on Saturdays for April & May. Please put yourself on the waitlist or reach out to Michele if you can’t get into a class. We will do what we can to get you in. Sometimes we may even add a class or extra spots when we are able. More classes will be added as needed.

Springing into the Intermediate Sequence for Pilates Teacher Training

For April, we are moving into the Intermediate sequence for Pilates teacher training. Our apprentice Pilates teachers have been hard at work honing the beginner exercises on the mat and Reformer. Stay tuned they will be offer trail session for beginners soon so tell your friends who have been interested in trying Pilates or our studio. It’s not even on the schedule yet but we are hoping to run one on Saturday May 6th, since it is Pilates Day.

Each time we practice we improve. Our Pilates apprentice teachers have surely gotten much more practice and are improving not only in their own practice of Pilates but also in their ability to teach others how to move. Can you see all of the notes they are using?

Jessica, our first apprentice, has taken Emma, our newest apprentice under her wing. Each time both teach I can see their confidence grow and so enjoy mentoring them through this process. Who wants to join our next cohort?

There will be an information session for any Interested Student on
Wednesday, June 14th at 7pm.

Each cohort with Evolve Your Teaching has been a little different, as Jessica Spillane; our master teacher, is tracking and adjusting to meet the needs of each group. This time each level, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, has been split into two sessions; one where we focus on the mat and the other Reformer. The first week in April we had our Intermediate mat seminar at the studio, which is an intense focus for 5 1/2 hours and you can see from the photos how well our ladies did that day. Intermediate Reformer is next weekend and those are always my favorite. These seminars at the studio are the only live sessions for this training, all other workshops and learning material is online and you are able to complete at your own pace.

More Pilates teacher training will be coming to the studio this summer. Enrollment will be open soon but I was able to get some dates in advanced so wanted to share.

Cadillac Training will be held at the studio on Saturday, June 3rd. This training is open to anyone with both Pilates mat and Reformer certification, it does not need to be through Evolve Your Teaching.

The next cohort for Mat & Reformer Training begins in July and this will be an intensive training with all live seminars occurring in a two week period: July 11, 12 & 13 and July 18, 19 & 20 from 1:30-5:30 pm. I will keep you informed when enrollment for each begins and with links to the information session and recording.

Besides Pilates teacher training we will be hosting Barre Intensity Instructor Training this fall. A master instructor will be at Pilate by the Bay providing this one-day certification to a small group, and that could include you if you are interested. See below for all the details and even a discount code to enroll. Space is limited to 7, and there are only 5 spots left so reach out with any questions and pass this information along to anyone who may be interested. I can’t wait for September 24th, look for barre classes on the schedule in November.