Pilates by the Bay in April – Pop Up Classes & New Instructor!

Happy Spring! Here’s an update about our Toms River, NJ Pilates Studio, information on this month’s classes; including a pop-up class with a new instructor!

Happy Passover! Happy Easter! I know I am a little late, but with this being spring break for most I think many are still celebrating the holiday, the spring, the ending of mask mandates and Greek Orthodox Easter is this Sunday 🙂 So Happy Everything! Only 40-ish more days until Memorial Day! Plus it is still my birthday month!

Spring is about renewal and we have been sprucing up the studio a bit and will to continue this spring with the window covering and hopefully some new tower springs and bars. Update on the window covering, since it is going to be a big undertaking I wanted to get the image just right, so we had a small photo shoot last weekend. Thanks to all who modeled for us! Take a look at this quick collage I made with some of the photos here!

Have you checked out our toiletry drawer in the bathroom? Please help yourself to anything you may need in the top drawer of the bathroom cabinet. It’s now stocked with hair ties, band aides (in the white container), feminine products, hair products and more.

As always, we will continue to monitor classes and adjust as needed. Classes are filling up again and we will add as needed. Please put yourself on the waitlist or reach out to Michele if you can’t get into a class, we will do what we can to get you in.

Our New Instructor, Gianna Depaul

Come meet the newest addition to our studio, Gianna (read more about her below). You will see more pop-up classes with her over the next few weeks. This Sunday I’m planning on using the towers and chairs. There must be at least 2 enrolled for each class to run.

You may have seen Gianna taking classes at the studio. She recently completed her Reformer certification at Pilates on Fifth and is looking to share her knowledge and love of wellness. You will see some Reformer pop-up classes on the schedule, beginning with this Friday at 9 AM, and she be be subbing here and there. She is also available for private or duet Reformer sessions.

Here is a message from Giana: “I have always had a passion for health, fitness, and wellness; becoming a Pilates instructor felt like a natural progression to help share my passions and to motivate and inspire others! Hope to meet you all soon!”

I just restocked and rearranged the toe socks. Summer colors and designs have arrived in all your favorite styles. I wanted to highlight them a bit since know they are hard to see on the rack and on the shelves. Here are the actual photos from that collage, which was on our social media story today.

First, I moved all the Bala bands to the basket in the front making the top two baskets full of toe socks in the white shelves under the leggings. We still have the grip gloves in stock, those I moved to the bottom shelf with the Cali weights. Those gloves come highly recommended so if you feel you need extra grip for certain exercises, and are half grip meaning they come to the knuckles and the tops of the fingers are open, try them out.

They finally had a few larges in stock so I bought some. The two pictured in gray, one like a small feather pattern and the other camouflage, are available in large. In both Tavi Noir and Toe Sock brands the women’s large are size 11-13. Mediums are women’s size 8-10. Smalls are women’s sizes 5-7.

Just a little product history. We have carried what started out as “Toe Socks” for years. Now they are under a company called Thirty Three Threads and carry many brands of different socks and even clothing (I tested those out too but they do not compare to Savvi, socks on the other hand, I have not found better ones available). Most of you prefer to keep your toes together like regular socks, so I have been carrying more of those styles, these are the Tavi Noir brand. Tavi Noir also have the grip gloves we carry.

The Toe Sock brand, the ones with all the toes, still exists and has the most variety. They have some super cute styles for summer. Check out those flamingos and the one with the martini glass that says “Happy Hour at the Barre.” This line is available in full toe, meaning the toes are completely covered, and half toe, meaning your toes peak out; which is great for summer. Those tye die ones on the left are ankle socks. Toe Socks are great with flip flops, plus they really do allow for more range of motion of your feet and toes during your exercise. The Base 33 line is the men’s line but have the crew socks. These crew socks are unisex and I have only been carrying the half crew but we just got in this great green color. Sizing in the Base 33: Smalls are womens sizes 6-8 and mens sizes 5-7, mediums are womens sizes 8-10.5 and mens sizes 7.5-9.5, larges are womens sizes 11-13 and mens sizes 10-12, extra-large are mens sizes 12.5-14.

I moved all of the Toe Sock and Base crew socks to the second basket in the cabinet. The large of the Tavi Noir are there as well in the back. The top basket and the spinning rack have all of the Tavi Noir line and the newest ones are on the rack, but check the top basket for some additional sizes.

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