Holiday Toy Drive, Pilates Teacher Training and December Class Schedule at Pilates By The Bay

Pilates workout in Toms River December winter holiday season 2022

Pilates By The Bay Will Help You Through The Holidays

Take a deep breath, we have made it to the end of the year and now the holidays are here! Thankfully Pilates teaches you to slow down and connect to your breath. Since you know how to do that, you should even when you are not at the studio. Breathing has so many positive effects on our body and mind, we should consciously make an effort to breath more especially as we head into the holidays.

We could not be more excited to continue to bring Pilates teacher training to you at Pilates by the Bay. We have partnered with Jessica Spillane, master Pilates teacher, along with the online curriculum and workshops from Evolve Your Teaching to help train the next generation of Pilates instructors.

Do you know someone who may be interested in getting their Pilates Teacher Certification? Please share information about our Pilates Teacher Training program and as always, please reach out to Michele anytime with any questions or to register for the program.

holiday toy drive pilates studio toms river, nj

Santa Is Coming December 13th!

Our donation bucket has turned into a toy bucket for the holidays. Be sure to drop off donations of unwrapped toys before Santa comes to collect on the 13th.

Santa, I know him! And he has us on his trolley stop again this year. Please help us collect for the 7th annual Shore Luxury Limos Holiday Toy Trolley. Drop off new and unwrapped toys for children of all ages and genders at the studio through December 13th. Santa and the Shore Movement will be delivering those toys to children in need in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in time for Christmas. Let’s fill up the toy bucket and help make the holidays a little brighter.

Visit for more information.

Only two Sundays this month to take some morning Pilates. Each week we will use at least two different pieces of equipment: Reformers, Towers, or Chairs with various props for a full-body workout. All December pop-up classes are on the schedule, there must be at least two enrolled for classes to run.

Classes still are often at capacity so don’t wait to sign up. Please put yourself on the waitlist or reach out to Michele if you can’t get into a class. We will do what we can to get you in. Sometimes we may even add a class when we can. This time of year there is a good chance someone has to cancel on any given day.

Pilates Teacher Training is Heating Up With the Intermediate Exercises

We are continuing to refine the intermediate exercises on the mat and Reformer in our Pilates teacher training this month. As we continue to hone teaching skills we hope to help you make the most of your time at the studio. I hope learning, spark and desire continues to appear in our sessions and something I want to impress upon the future Pilates teachers that I am grateful to mentor.

In December for Pilates Teacher Training we are honing our skills on the intermediate exercises. We completed the seminar on the mat and Reformer, but have been so busy practicing we did not even take a new photo, Let me take a step back an explain a little deeper what exactly we are learning and what we mean by classical Pilates.

What is Classical Pilates?

So this training is classical Pilates, meaning it is the original sequence of exercises Joesph Pilates created. On each apparatus, he created a sequence of exercises to follow. So classical Pilates means following those exercises in order, every session.

While I certainly see some advantages in that, our studio is more contemporary and our sessions do not always follow the order. However as Pilates instructors we are aware of that order and this teacher training gives us the foundation of that order and the history of the practice.

From Joseph Pilates’ order of exercises, each apparatuses’ order was broken up into beginner, intermediate and advanced for teacher training purposes and that is what we are learning.

The beginner Reformer exercises are

  • footwork;
  • arm series;
  • crunches;
  • the hundred;
  • feet in straps frogs and circles;
  • stomach massage;
  • short box series – hinge, roll, twist, 1/2 tree;
  • elephant;
  • knee stretches;
  • running
  • and pelvic lifts.

The intermediate Reformer exercises add on

  • short spine with feet in straps,
  • coordination,
  • long box series,
  • short box side sit-ups,
  • semi-circle,
  • front splits,
  • side splits,
  • speed skater
  • and Russian splits.

On the mat the beginner exercises include

  • the hundred,
  • rollup,
  • half roll down,
  • single leg circles,
  • rolling like a ball,
  • the ab series (single leg stretch, double leg stretch, scissors, lower lift, and criss cross)
  • spine stretch forward,
  • saw,
  • swan prep,
  • side kick series (AKA side-lying)
  • teaser prep,
  • teaser,
  • plank,
  • front support.

Intermediate mat exercises add on

  • open leg rocker,
  • corkscrew,
  • swam,
  • single leg kick,
  • double leg kick,
  • neck pull,
  • jackknife,
  • swimming,
  • and seal.

My “Pilates Partner”, our new apprentice Pilates instructor, Jessica Harnett; and I have been taking intensive workshops, Zoom meetings and reviewing online content to further our career and obtain certification. We are proud to be a part of the Pilates lineage, passing along the teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Are you thinking about Pilates Teacher Training and learning more about Pilates yourself or know of someone else who may be interested?

A new Reformer/Mat Pilates Teacher Training cohort is planned to start in February so contact us now if you are interested in more information. I will keep you posted when enrollment opens, which is soon.

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