Our Instructors

Our highly-trained teachers have received their education from the best programs and master teachers in the country and take ongoing continuing education classes and workshops to always provide the best sessions to our clients. With backgrounds in pilates, yoga, dance, and fitness they have had thousands of hours of teaching experience with hundreds of clients of all ages and abilities.

Every teacher at Pilates by the Bay is deeply committed to their education, to our clients, and are passionate about this amazing method of movement. It is a rewarding experience to be a pilates teacher and no one loves teaching more than our talented team!



Patricia Baiano is a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Trainer licensed by Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy (PBPIA), Balanced Body® Bodhi Suspension System™ Faculty Member, and Pilates Studio owner located in Toms River, New Jersey. Patty first discovered the transformational power of Pilates over 15 years ago and believed the experience so profound she knew she had to share this incredible restorative method of exercise with others.

Ms. Baiano is a nationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Certified Teacher who earned her comprehensive certification through Balanced Body University, studying under Leslie Powell in NYC. Convinced that a deeper understanding of the principles of movement and its effects on the human body could empower her to help others transform themselves, Baiano then earned the Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries certification through the Kane School at Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

With her personal mission to help people live better lives through Pilates, Patricia completed the advanced teacher training program “Pilates for MS™ and Other Neurological Conditions” earning the certificate of “Specialist in Pilates-Based Exercise for Multiple Sclerosis.” Working to help clients with MS, Traumatic Brain Injury, Ataxia, and stroke overcome its most common symptoms, including balance difficulties, weakness, muscle spasticity, gait abnormalities, as well as the principles and applications of neuromuscular rehabilitation and neuroplasticity exercise.

A strong proponent of the value of continuing education, Ms. Baiano continues her weekly professional self-practice mentored by Master Pilates Teacher Blossom Leilani Crawford, protégé of Kathy Grant, and has also trained in recent years with other master teachers including Amy Alpers, Doris Pasteleur Hall, Eric Franklin, Irene Dowd, and attending many of the master workshops offered by the PMA and Pilates Center of Boulder. 

Patricia’s ongoing Pilates training is now focused on the lineage of Kathy Grant, a protégé of Joseph Pilates. Kathy Grant believed that Pilates was not just for dancers but for “every body”. When asked “What is Pilates for?” she replied “Pilates is for the unexpected” noting that it promotes balance, strength, and flexibility to prevent injury in unexpected situations such as slipping on winter ice. This is the philosophy that Patricia lives by, and shares with her students every day.

In 2014 Patty had the unique opportunity to be featured in several videos and workshops on Pilates Anytime with her teacher and mentor, Blossom Leilani Crawford. Pilates Anytime is an exciting website offering online Pilates classes – mat, equipment, props – for all levels, and different physical interests.

Ms. Baiano is wholly dedicated the individual needs of each of her clients regardless of gender, age or physical fitness. Whether the focus is cross training to improve sports performance, injury rehabilitation to help reduce pain, or to enhance mobility, Patricia teaches targeted movements optimized to deliver the desired personal results. Her sessions promote balanced healing and deliver total body conditioning to increase strength, range of motion, endurance, and improve total health and well-being. 

Patty assumes the role of Head Teacher with an emphasis on seniors, sports & surgical rehabilitation and Neuro-Pilates.



Kathryn Roberts Leibe is a native of North Carolina where she received her BFA from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts – School of Dance.

She has been a guest teacher for North Carolina Dance Festival and UNCSA summer program. Kathryn has performed, choreographed and trained dancers throughout North Carolina, New York City and New Jersey.

Most recently she received her Pilates teaching certification through Kinected under the supervision of Kelly Kane and with Ellie Herman of Ellie Herman Pilates in Brooklyn, NY.  Kathryn lives in Toms River with her husband and two children.

Kathryn assumes the role of a Senior Teacher with an emphasis on Dance rehabilitation and Neuro-Pilates.



After Growing up in the Poconos of Pennsylvania and attending Tulane University, Eileen graduated from Medical College of Virginia (now Virginia Commonwealth University) with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 1995.  In 1996, she was hit by a car while running thus beginning her experience as a patient of physical therapy instead of just a practitioner.  Physical Therapy helped considerably, but the combination of her P.T. home program and adding Yoga kept her pain free and she returned to running and hiking and her active lifestyle. 

In 2010, she broke her back and pelvis.  While she didn’t need surgery, she did need therapy and it took over a year before she could exercise with external support for her pelvis.  Physical Therapy got her back to work and taking care of herself, but she continued to have chronic pain even though she got back to hiking and yoga.  High impact sports like running were no longer an option due to her pain.  In 2014 she became a yoga instructor in hopes that she would continue to decrease her pain.  It wasn’t until she found Pilates that she was able to eliminate her chronic pain and return to her truly active lifestyle. 

Adding certifications in both Pilates and Yoga to her 20 years of Physical Therapy experience, Ms. Kane will now be applying her unique perspective in functional biomechanics to assist her clients by relieving muscle imbalances and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns. Her personal and professional experience will ensure she delivers the most effective personal training and develop exciting new programs to address the underlying causes of pain or injury so our clients can quickly return to their favorite activities. 

Eileen assumes the role of a Senior Teacher with an emphasis on all aspects of surgical & injury rehabilitation and Neuro-Pilates.



Bernice Cornicello’s love for body movement started at the age of three when she was first introduced to dance classes.  Her dance training included, Ballet, tap, toe and jazz.  After years of dance training Bernice progressed to gymnastic classes and shortly after starting, earned a placed on a competitive gymnastic team. 

Ms. Cornicello’s dance and gymnastic training lead her to become a Gymnastic Coach while she was in College.  To date, she has 25 years of coaching experience. Her teaching certifications include, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction, Safety & Risk Management, USA Gymnastics Fitness, and CPR and First Aid Basics.

Bernice attended Kean University for Physical Education and Health Teacher Certification. She kept herself fit by always finding a new and exciting workout programs to challenge her, becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE after she became a mother.

Due to constant muscle tightness and pain, she was determined to find a balanced workout program.  When she started taking Pilates classes, she was hooked and her passion for Pilates lead her to become a Certified Pilates Teacher.

Her lifelong commitment to health and well-being, are evident in her dedication to her practice. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” She has completed her Comprehensive Pilates training through Balance Body University and Personal Best Pilates Instructor Academy.



Ellen’s love for Pilates began 16 years ago with her first mat class. After just a few sessions, she noticed her body never felt stronger and her mind was sharper than ever.  Wanting to share her love for Pilates and fitness, she became an instructor 14 years ago through NETA, National Exercise Trainer Association.  Ellen is also certified through Beth Shaw Yoga Fit program and now holds a comprehensive certificate from Personal Best Pilates Teacher Academy.  

Ellen has a strong following of clients, having taught Pilates mat classes at Ocean County College, the YMCA in Toms River, and also at the Monmouth County Parks System.   In Ellen’s words, “It’s such a joy to share my love for Pilates with all my students, most have been with me over ten years.  I love teaching them about their body and showing them there is nothing they can’t achieve through focus, determination, and hard work.”




Kim’s love for Pilates began during her early college years while searching for an accessible and affordable way to get a full body workout in between classes. From there her self-practice of Pilates continued for the next five years until in 2010 she decided to become certified to teach Pilates mat through the Regeneration Institute of Pilates in South Plainfield.

Though employed as a full time investment representative, Kim’s interest in Pilates never wavered and she continued her dedicated training. She felt that if nothing else, training as a Pilates teacher would enable her to learn more about a discipline she respected. She left the corporate world shortly after having her first child in 2011 and took on teaching Pilates and other fitness disciplines as a full time pursuit. 

Kim loves experiencing first-hand how transformative Pilates can be to each body regardless of fitness level, age, or injury once the student fully understands their movements. Kim has also earned her Reformer certificate through Personal Best Pilates with Pilates by the Bay and looks forward to these next educational steps in her Pilates journey.