Finding Pilates by the Bay last March was for me a life-changing experience. Lower back and sciatic problems discouraged me from traditional exercise. I was that person who joined the gym but dreaded going…and seldom did. Pilates has changed that! I have found just the right combination of stretching and strength training under the direction of qualified and caring instructors. I have amazed myself with how much I have accomplished and how strong I have grown. My abdominal strength has greatly helped with my back problems…so much so that I was able to effectively train and complete a 3-day 60 mile walk for breast cancer last fall. I could not have done that at 56 years old without my Pilates training. It’s a little more expensive than a regular gym, but it’s a commitment that is well worth it! I am no longer that person who dreads going it’s a work-out I look forward to every time.

BETSY HYLE, client since March 2008

I have been taking Pilates for about eight months and I have derived the following benefits: more flexibility, more energy, more stamina, better posture and a happy attitude. It is amazing how proper instruction can restructure your body to the proper alignment. Patty and her staff are all expertly trained and have worked diligently to instruct me to do Pilates properly. When people I haven’t seen in a while see me, they say, “Wow, what are you doing?” Answer: Pilates at Pilates by the Bay. I am 69 years young and feel like I’m in my forties. I will continue to do Pilates forever.

SUE MACNEILL, client since March 2008

I have been doing pilates for the past several months. This has improved my range of motion and significantly decreased my back discomfort (something physical therapy did not do). Patty has a very good knowledge of the muscular skeletal system. She can tailor exercises to the unique needs of each individual in a safe manner. I look forward to pilates every week.

RICHARD DIAS, M.D., client since August 2008

I initially started pilates as as a method of physical therapy to recover from an injury. I soon learned that it was much more than exercise. Most of my friends go to a traditional gym. Some of them have said that they tried pilates and it was too hard. I am proud of myself for learning how to concentrate and focus. I feel like I gained physical and mental strength from my experience. I look forward to doing pilates for a long time. I have met some wonderful people there.

ANNA MARIE HARTIG, client since April 2008