New Clients: How to start


Learning Pilates on the Equipment

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New Clients

All new clients need to begin learning pilates on the equipment with a few private sessions. At the beginning there is a lot of new technique to learn! Pilates teaches anatomy, alignment and responding to very subtle corrections. Learning to do these things while on the moving equipment can be challenging. Private sessions provide one-on-one time to starting teaching new clients these fundamentals along with some basic equipment choreography at a comfortable pace before joining a class. We offer a special introductory package of three, 55 minute, private sessions and one sample equipment class for first time clients who wish to join equipment classes. This “Private Session Intro Package*” of 3-private sessions ($195) also includes 1 sample Equipment Class and is a mandatory prerequisite for all new clients wanting to take equipment classes – even if you have been taking Pilates mat classes at another studio or gym. (Pilates Mat & Barre classes at our studio do not require the prerequisite private sessions. Please see below.)

Note: If you are an out-of-town visitor and regularly take Pilates equipment classes a minimum of 1 X per week at another certified studio, this prerequisite may be met with the following: an interview with the studio owner to determine qualification, a signed letter detailing your equipment experience emailed from your current Pilates studio, and completion of one 40-min “Private Session Sample” for evaluation. Please call 732-300-4917 for more details or to schedule your first appointment.


Learning Pilates on the Mat, Barre, or Suspension Training

New clients are welcome to join our Multi-Level Pilates Mat & Prop, Bodhi Suspension, or Barre Classes. These classes focus on technique and exercises appropriate for newer students and do not use Pilates equipment so private sessions are not required (although always beneficial!) To register call (732) 300-4917 or sign-up online HERE!

Special Discounts For New Clients!




1 Private Sessions, 40min: $35



3-Intro Private Sessions* & 1 Equipment Class, 55min: $195 (Save $60!) *Required to take Equipment Classes.

For those who feel they want additional sessions before joining classes up to two additional Private Sessions can be added at the Intro package price of $55 each.